Best Motivational Images Quotes for life About Success +60 collections

Best Motivational Images Quotes for life About Success +60 collections


Don’t wait to be
rich to be happy
Happiness is free.


Respect your
pillows! They wiped
your tears when no
one else did


I’m worth it.
always was and
always will be.


How amazing is
it to find someone
who wants to hear
about all the
things that go on
in your head.


Aren’t you
thankful that
your childhood
happened before
technology took


What is Success?

Success is being able
to go to bed each night
with your mind at


At my
darkest, God
is my light.


Don’t be a girl
who needs a man
Be the girl a
man needs.


The best friendships
are built on a solid
foundation of
alcohol, sarcasm,
laughter and dislike
of the same people


Earphones on
eyes closed
painful memories
best feeling.


Save your
feelings for
someone who


I live at
work and visit the
house sometimes


Your friends
can forget your

But, Mark


Sometimes you tel
someone to never call
you again, and then the
phone rings and you
hope It’s them. It’s the
most twisted logic
of all time.


Don’t waste your
energy getting
angry on people..

They will die


4 Best things in world

– Morning Sleep.
– Night Sleep.
– Afternoon Sleep
-Evening Sleep.


Wrinkles mean you
laughed, gray hair
means you cared and
scars mean you


We are all bad
in someone’s


always comes

“It’s strange, isn’t
it? How your heart
burns… and burns…
and suddenly turns
to ice.”


The worst person to
be around is someone
who complains about
everything and
appreciates nothing.


I dont think people
realize how much strength
it takes to pull your own
self out of a dark place
mentally. So if you’ve
done that today or any
day, I’m proud of you.

Most of my
are because of my tone
of voice. People think
i’m angry even if
i am just explainning
my point.

“What’s your dream Job?”

Well, in my dreams,
I don’t work.

doesn’t work” but
y’all be living in
the same city and
that shit don’t
work either

Crush is the
main reason why
being single is
not boring.

Do not pray for an
easy life. pray for
the strength to endure
a difficult one.

friends are

Set a goal so big that you can’t achieve it until you grow into the person who can.

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less traveled by, and that made all the difference.”

Females that look
mean. Have the best
personalities, you
just gotta know how
to break the ice.

Don’t ruin a new
day by thinking
about yesterday.
let it go.

First, they love you,
Then they leave you.

First, you have
to understand
Their love,
Then you have to
understand their

Think I finally
reached the point
where I don’t care
anymore. I’m a good
person, I can’t force
people to see my

Things take time


Everything you need
is already inside you.
Don’t wait for the others
to light your fire.
You have your own

Stcuk in between “I don’t
wanna feel that type of
hurt again” and “I want
to feel that love again”

Stop thinking,
just live.


Believe it or not!
Most of your
friends secretly
hate you.

We all deserve
someone who at the
end of the day says:
“I missed you so
much today”

Shout out to the
women who haven’t
felt okay lately, but
you get up everyday
and refuse to quit.
Stay Strong Queen

No one ever
seems to be scared
of losing me.

It will all be
worth it soon.

You’re not too sensitive.
You’re not overreacting.
If it hurts you
it hurts you.


When you’re happy,
your enjoy the music
But, when you’re sad
you understand
the lyrics.

try again.
try once more.
try differently.
try again tomorrow.
try and ask for help.
try find someone who’s done it.
try to fix the problem.
keep trying until you succeed.

Maybe if I fall in
love with my stomach
fat it will leave
me too.


It takes a
huge effort to
free yourself
from memory.

The greatest thing I
can be thankful for is
knowing that God never
forget to extend my
life everyday.

I didn’t change
I just see things
differently now.

Mother is the
blessing that
no one can

sweetheart, it’s okay
to quit on a man who is
not even trying. You
deserve effort.

no matter how many
people you’ve met.

the one who lets you
down gets the best
parts of you.


Learn to be ok with
people not knowing
your side of the
story. you don’t have
to prove anything
to anyone.


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