Motivation Quotes For Our Stress Full Life

Motivation Quotes For Our Stress Full Life

It’s quite possible
things will turn out
far better than you
could imagine.


Just because you miss
someone, doesn’t mean you
need them back in your
life. Missing is Just a
part of moving on.

I keep
checking my
phone like
I’m important
to somebody


Gut feelings
are guardian

I felt special
Until I realized
you talk to
everybody like

The reason why God
allowed him to walk
away is because you
prayed for a good man,
and he wasn’t it.


In life you will meet
two kinds of people. Ones
who build you up, and
ones who tear you down.
But in the end, you will
thank them both.

Chaeating is always a
choice. But before you
cheat, ask yourself,
“Does my partner
deserves it?”


Find someone who
will motivate you,
not distract you.

Give. But don’t allow yourself
to be used.

Love. But don’t allow your
heart to be abused.

Trust. But don’t be naive.

Listen. But don’t lose your
own voice.


We fall in love by
chance. We stay in
love by choice.

honestly being tagged
in things makes me
so happy because it’s
like?? you think of
me? you remember me?
I don’t even remember
me sometimes


Professional overthinker

After this year,
I actually want to
give myself a big
hug because I am
still standing.

I just wanna sit
outside at night & talk
about life with someone


Me shutting down
is far worse than
me blowing up.
I promise.

If you do not
make time for your
wellness, you will be
forced to make time
for your illness.

The best revenge is
no revenge. Move on.
Be happy. Find inner
Peace. Flourish.


Never waste feelings
on people who don’t
value them.

Music always
has the power to
express what I
feel inside.


How many girls
can proudly say,
‘I don’t heavy

Thanks for helping
us in doing our


Maybe my problem is
that when I’m lost I
look for you and
not myself.


If you’re tired,
take a rest but
don’t quite.

Still healing from
things I don’t speak
about, I just take
it day by day.

Followers will never know
how hard the leader tries
to create path.


Don’t shy at 4 things:

– Old clothes
-Poor friends
-old parents
-Simple living

Raise your hand

If you want to
live in such a house
away from people
& society


The best friendships
are built on a solid
foundatiom of alcohol,
sarcasm, laughter, and
dislike of the same

No girl will
choose six pack
over six cars

Stop going to
the Gym and go
to work.

Your next 3 months
are gonna be better than
your last 9 months. A
blessing is coming.


Stay soft.
Do not let the
things that have
hurt you turn you
into a person you
are not.

Dating a amture guy
is stressful…he just
apologises straight away.
Now what must I do
with my anger?

I’m at a point in my life
where I just want my family
happy, my health good, my
mind right, my finances
flowing and no drama.

Nothing scares me more
than someone loving me one
day and deciding they don’t
want me the next. nothing
terrifies me more than
being so close to someone
and then watching them
become a stranger again

I’m not dating to
marry. I’m dating
to experience a
painful breakup
that kickstarts
my weight loss.

You never forget a
person who came to
you with a torch
in the dark.

I felt special
Until I realized you
talk to everybody
like that.

WhatApp killed BBM
Youtube killed DVD
SMS killed letter writing
Email killed Fax
Money killed True love
Make up killed natural beauty

What else killed what?

Your ex sent you
a text, “Baby
I’m in jail”

Reply with just
2 words

When your
intentions are
pure, you don’t
lose anyone, they
lose you.

Money will
never break
your heart

We do not
remember days
we remember

Psychologist says,
when your mood’s not
good without any
reason, you surely
missing someone.

I don’t ask for
much, loyalty is
good enough.

Stop putting so
much effort into
someone who can
literally go
all day without
talking to you.

Hey you.. Yes You The
one reading this You are
going to be successful
one day & make your
parents proud

12 steps for self care

1. If it feels wrong, don’t do it.
2. Say “exactly” what you mean.
3. Don’t be a people pleaser.
4. Trust your instincts.
5. Never speak bad about yourself.
6. Never give up on your dreams.
7. Don’t be afraid to say “No”.
8. Don’t be afraid to say “Yes”
9. Be KIND to yourself
10. Let go of what you can’t control.
11. Stay away from drama and negativity
12 Love

So proud of how I
handles this year. I
fought so many silent
battles. I had to humble
myself, wipe my wown
tears, & pat myself
on the back

Relations are like
electric currents. Wrong
connection will give you
shocks throughout your
life. But the right ones
will light up your life.

We only live once.

We only die once.
We live every day!

Sometimes I just
have to let her win,
because losing the
argument is easier
than losing her

Once you’re in a
relationship you think it’s
going to last forever. But
in reality, it only lasts as
long as you’re working for
it. If one of the person
stops working, it
falls apart.

Get a man who knows
how to handle your
abnormalities and

Let’s just watch the
sunset and talk about
our dreams.

When things
change inside you,
things change
around you.

A story of
Modern Love.

“Two people, both
waiting to text

That moment when
you burst into tears
in your room and you
realize that no one
knows how unhappy
you are.

Keep going…
everything will
come to you at the
perfect time.

… and you keep
pushing people away
because someone you
wanted to keep
didn’t stay…

Some souls are
too beautiful for
this world.

so they leave.

When you throw the
trash out, do you go
outside later & check
how it’s doing? No?
So stop talking
your ex.

What is the
name of your
whatsapp group
with friends

I’m not impressed by
money, social status,
or job titles. I’m
impressed by the way
someone treats other
human beings.

No regrets.
Just lessons

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